In one or more categories select the criteria that applies to your personal situation. For example: if your nationality is Macedonian, you can select "Macedonia" in the category "Country of origin". If you would like to find a scholarship at Masters level, you should select "Masters degree" in the category "Educational level".

After making your selection in one or more categories, click the "Search" button.


Field of study - what field would you like to study in with the scholarship? Educational Level - what level of study do you want to enter with the scholarship?
Purpose - for what purpose do you want a scholarship? Do you want to study or do research?
Country of destination - in which country would you like to study?
Country of origin - what is your nationality, what country are you from?

It is also possible to conduct a free search in the scholarship database. If you know the name of a scholarship or university, you can fill in the name in the ‘free text search’ and click on the ‘Search’ button to see if the particular scholarship or university are listed in the database.

How to get your scholarship included in the Scholarship Database or edit information in existing scholarships?

We are always looking for ways to improve our website and our publications. Your submissions, feedback, and comments are encouraged to ensure our success.

New sources of financial aid, or old ones that are not currently listed, may be submitted at d.milanovic[AT] or by completing our online submission form.

If the existing information is incomplete or missing, please contact us at d.milanovic[AT]

We will do our best to respond quickly, and your comments will make the database work better for all Western Balkan students that would like to study in EU member states and EFTA countries and are looking for financial aid.

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